Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The Red Rag

The Red Rag is for campers/staff 16 years of age and over who are accepting the challenge toward sacrifice of time, talent, and personal will. Wow-this one is really stepping things up a notch. It is asking you to sacrifice things you love and possibly things you are really good at in light of the good of others.

In the ceremony, there is this story of Albert Schweitzer:

His talent for music could have given him fame as the greatest authority on the music of Bach, and as a great organist. But he sacrificed this talent to use another more needed to God, and prepared himself to become a doctor, founding a hospital in the heart of Africa, and serving the sick of the land.

Wow-to sacrificae his great love of music and purpose himself to become a doctor in Africa is great. How can you do this? Maybe not on such a grand scale, but what can you do TODAY to sacrifice for others?

Before, you have geared yourself to personal goal setting, concern for others and a Christian way of life. Now the Rag is asking you to take time out of your everyday life and give to others. There are so many ways to do this. By mentoring, serving at church, volunteering in your school, community or local YMCA. The Red Rag is focusing you on discovering and utilizing your talents in each day, but also putting aside one great talent to pursue another for the good of others .

  • So I ask, what are your talents?
  • Are you a musician, an athlete, a chef?
  • What are you good at that you can put to task for others?
  • Is there something you are really good out but is just self serving and not serving to others? If so, how will you put this aside?

Many of you know I have really discovered my ability to prepare food. While I was good at being a camp program director, I really felt there was something else I could be doing to better serve others. n taking over food service at camp, not only have I found that I love doing it, but I am good at it. For me, cooking is not work, it is joy. So really look and explore yourself and give of time and talent to others.

Find your talent, find an area to focus your talent and serve others. Remember, others before self. Good luck and stay focused.

In the Spirit of Camp,

Y 182?

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