Monday, January 10, 2011

Counselor Interview: Sheeba

It is time for another Counselor Interview. This time it is Sheeba. She is coming back for her third summer out at CFA and she will be helping out in the store. Check out her answer and catch up with what is going on in her life.


What is your favorite memory about camp last summer?
Last summer was made up of many great memories, but one that I think has been the most memorable was first week my coco, Sarah and I had an Absolutely AMAZING embers. We all told stories about ourselves and "the person we are." The girls really bonded the first night, opening up about their feelings and the things they dealt with everyday. They really got to see life from each others perspectives and I think that was what made them closer. There was no judgments, no arguments, no prejudices. It made the week awesome and I think more of a memorable week for the girls.

Anything new or big going on in your life?
Everyday is a new learning experience, but I'm in my senior year of college and taking the time to enjoy it. Soon I'll have to get a grown-up job and pay REAL bills. So, I'm trying to enjoy it while it's here. I have great roommates who inspire me and encourage me. I'm so blessed.

What does summer camp mean to you?
Camp has always been a place that allowed me to be the rawest version of me. At camp I learned just as much as the kids did. I grew, I challenged myself and faced my fears. I never thought it would change my life the way it did. Summer Camp to me means freedom to be whoever you are, and the means to getting to know who that person is.

What was your favorite activity to teach and why?
I LOVED being the crafts coordinator last summer. As a fashion major, making art has always been a passion of mine since childhood. The idea of making something out of nothing is just so exciting. I enjoyed sharing my passion for creation with the kids.

What are you looking forward to the most this upcoming summer?
I am so excited to work in the camp store for my internship for my fashion merchandising major. I'm excited to learn more about manufacturing, owning a store, merchandising and store layouts. I'm also excited to go to camp fires sing songs and make memories both the campers and I will never forget.

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