Thursday, January 27, 2011

The Purple Rag

For Raggers 18 years and older, acceptance of the Purple Rag is an acceptance of dedication toward high and noble living in whatever Christian service opportunities that come your way. And yet again, we take a step towards higher living, putting all those Rag goals into play as you work to become a stronger, more noble person. Right now, there are two Purple Raggers active in YMCA Camp Flaming Arrow summer camp. It is something we do not take lightly, now is an easy challenge to accept.

The following is an expert from the conclusion of the Purple Rag Ceremony:

Your fellow Raggers attest to your purity, truthfulness, courage, and resolve, and deem you worthy. Prove by your acts at all times that their trust is rightfully offered. I, as your friend, challenge you to be truly noble. True nobility does not regard the wearing of the Purple as merely an honor, but as an obligation to those who are weaker in respect and need help. May you be noble and may God be with you in your quest.

Wow- a true calling to be a more Noble, more trustworthy person. To be able to live each day in this way would make you darn near perfect. But come on, we all know we are not perfect and most of us are not even close. This is why the Rag program is so helpful in challenging each one of us to be more, to work towards a noble and up standing life style. I know for me, the Purple Rag has been a big step. Finding time to reach out and help others is often just one more thing to do in my already busy lifestyle. However, as a Ragger, I have the knowledge to push myself to dig deeper in order to accomplish this. Several ways I do this is by serving on the local School Board and through my membership in a local women's service organization in which we serve 25 hours each year in service to others.

Now, about that living noble part. First, this does not mean noble as in "Your Royal Highness" or coming from a higher standing. This means: Noble ('bəl) Having or showing qualities of high moral character, such as courage, generosity, or honor: a noble spirit. Sound familiar to any Y Camp you have attended? Those core values really come into play here - caring, honesty, respect, responsibility and faith. Being an upstanding person, one who is trustworthy, giving, loving in spirit (I.L.L.), pure. Someone we can all count on at all times, not just when trouble calls or something great happens.

  • So, how do you define noble?
  • How will you step up to the plate and be worthy of the Purple Rag?
  • What will you stand for in all times?
Start thinking about ways to prove your fellow Raggers can "attest to your purity, truthfulness, courage, and resolve, and deem you worthy." Before you know it, the Purple Rag will call your name, you will stand proud before your fellow Raggers and God and attest to your readiness to wear this Rag as your live a True and Noble life. Good luck and stay focused.

In the Spirit of Camp,

Y 182?

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