Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Reminding Songs...

There are some songs out there (mainstream and camp) that remind me of camp. Here are a few and why they remind me of camp:

Yeah, it is me singing it but this was the first real camp song I ever heard when I became a counselor at Camp Grady Spruce. At my camp where I went as a kid, we didn't sing songs like this.

The first time I ever saw it done this way I couldn't stop laughing. When I hear it at retreats I just want summer to happen.

We play this song at the end of the dance while the oldest cabin help us clean up. Sometimes after they got done cleaning, they put their arms over each other in a circle and sway. Some would look at each other and cry, while other would just smile because they knew they were with family.

When I was at Camp Grady Spruce we sang this at the end of every chapel. It has an amazing messages if you just let love in your life.

When I was a camper and then counselor at Camp Pike, a hiking camp, this song was played before we went the big hike, Pikes Peak. It gives me that anxious feeling still, which is a good thing in my mind.

Hope you enjoyed my music selection. They always put me into a good mood.

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