Thursday, October 27, 2011

Counselor Interview: Isabel

It is time for another Counselor Interview. This time it is Isabel. She is coming back for her second summer out at CFA in 2012. She is a freshman at UT-Austin right now and helping out with retreats. Check out her answer and catch up with what is going on in her life.


So how many summer summer have you been going to CFA as a camper then counselor?

11 summers

This past summer was your first summer as a counselor, what was your favorite memory?

As a counselor, it was any Sunday night because of campfire, getting to know my new campers and all the excitement that comes with a new session.

What was your favorite memory as a camper?

It had to be the LIT embers. Through embers I was able to get closer to my peers than ever before. Also, it allowed me to grow as a person because I was able to open up and share my dreams/fear/hopes etc...

What counselor or staff member most influenced your life and why?

John Deaso (LIT coordinator summer '09, now a Y professional in Austin)! He gave me a role model to aspire to be (besides my parents) both as a camp counselor and a person. He made my entire LIT session really feel and know what camp love is.

What is your favorite song/skit?

Favorite song is the one that goes, "cause I came to CFA I know what I wanna be, cause I came to CFA, a ______ I will be". I don't know its proper title. It's my favorite because it has the best dance moves ever.

What is the Most important thing you learned at CFA?

Umm, it's really cheesy but through camp I learned how to live a positive fulfilling life.

Last one, if you could describe CFA in three words what would they be?

1. Best
2. Place
3. Ever

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