Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Taking It Apart: Ragger Emblem

The Rag has had a long and eventful life and it has changed in many ways, but it as still an instrument to aid in the building of Christian character at YMCA summer camps. The real test of the Rag is in how its members conduct themselves in the year round program of the YMCA, and in their home, school, church and community. The design of the rag blends four well-known shapes - the traditional YMCA triangle, the square, the circle, and the cross.

You see above the Emblem of the Ragger.

THE CIRCLE stands for the circle of friendship of all YMCA’s and people around the world – wherever they may be.

THE SQUARE represents the foursquare life of a true Ragger: physical, social, spiritual, and mental.

THE TRIANGLE stands for strength because it is the strongest geometric figure known to man. Because of this strength – we have named the three points: Body, Mind, and Spirit – to remind you to keep the challenge that you have accepted for yourself.

And at the center of our emblem and at the center of our hearts – lies THE CROSS. It appears so that we never forget the wonderful lesson that Jesus taught to us through His life – His example and His words.

The above information is taken directly from the Rag Ceremonies.

In the Spirit of Camp,

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