Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Erin's Dream Lanyards CFA craft project

Crafters, campers, and everyone interested in doing things for a good cause— check out Erin's Dream Lanyards to get some background information about our newest craft project for summer 2011. Why are we so excited? Check out the following excerpt from the lanyard website to get a taste for this incredible non-profit.

Who is Erin? Erin Buenger was an almost twelve-year-old fireball who lived large. She also fought neuroblastoma cancer for more than half her life.

What is her Dream? She lobbied Congress and raised money privately to increase funding for pediatric cancer research. She dreamed of a cure for her disease. The money raised by Erin's Dream Lanyards goes to support neuroblastoma research through the Children's Neuroblastoma Cancer Foundation.

What is a lanyard? A lanyard is a beaded necklace with a clip or hook on the end to hold an ID badge. School teachers, nuclear scientists and hospital personnel are types of folks who wear lanyards.

Every CFA camper will have a chance to create one of these colorful, unique lanyards this summer, and the resulting product will be sent to Erin's mom, Vickie, who has continued her cause to fundraise for furthering research into pediatric cancer. Vickie will be coming out to camp during staff training to share Erin's story one-on-one with our counselors, ad staff, and year-round camp folks, while she demonstrates the process we will be using to make these lanyards. She is familiar with the area, as Erin herself attended Christian summer camp at Mo-Ranch, also in Hunt, TX. After we have completed them, camp will package them up and send them to Erin's Dream Lanyards, where they will be distributed to retail shops and sold, with all profits going to the Children's Neuroblastoma Cancer Foundation.

Erin wanted a cure for her disease, not just for herself, but
for the thousands of children affected by cancer. We are
honored to assist her mother in carrying on with her
passion and planning by creating beautiful crafts by hand.

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