Thursday, April 7, 2011

Renew Your Spirit

Working for the YMCA has afforded me many things in my life. One of the best is the YMCA Spirit. As you might recall, I traveled to San Diego for the Christian Leadership conference this past weekend. I was given the opportinuty to learn, to grow, to share my story with other YMCA employees and to renew my spirit throguh worship, Raggers, leadership classes and just by being in the presence of the Lord. Here is a snap shot of what I learned:

You can't fake an impure heart. Make sure your heart is clean and pure and your thoughts will follow.

"Perfect" in biblical terms = complete. That is what is meant when, as a Christian, you have a perfect heart or perfect understanding of Christ.

You must spend time reflecting on yourself so you can know yourself, learn what to change and possibly see how others see you.

According to Doug Luffborough (, there are 3 chairs in life:
  1. The Chair of The Quitter: someone who is depressed, stuck, broken down by others and just not going anywhere
  2. The Chair of the Camper: Someone who allows the current become their lifestyle. They don't work to challenge themselves further. They found a comfy spot and are just camping out.
  3. The Chair of the Climber: This is someone who is not content to just be at status quo or do just enough. This is the person that is always reaching for more, looking to grow greater and climb higher.
You may have to fight the battle more than once to succeed. Don't quit the first time you get knock down, off course or told you can't do it.

Be like the moon and reflect the SON.

And last, I was given the privilege to counselor a new friend as he obtained his blue Rag. Marlon (pictured), is a San Diego YMCA employee. After spending time in reflection with him, I found him to be a wonderful young man just on the cusp of his YCMA career. Having him ask me to counsel him for his Blue Rag, I was all at once set forth on a path of humbleness and greatness. Humbled that he saw in me something that caused him to reach deeper. Greatness as we now journey down this road called life, forever bound by this piece of cloth. As we get ready to enter summer, take time to reflect on your Rag journey and remember the goals set forth when you had that piece of cloth tied around your neck.

In the Spirit of Camp,

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