Monday, April 18, 2011

Challenge Yourself

When is the last time you challenged yourself to something? If you don't remember, then think of a challenge for yourself right now. It can be wildly out there or something very simple. Hopefully it will make you a healthier person in spirit, mind and body.

I will hopefully be finishing up a challenge for myself that is actually a life goal of mine this weekend. On Saturday I will be running in my first marathon. As the race inches closer the more nervous/excited I get. I have spent serval months training for this race and have cleared several road blocks that were in my path. I have overcome them to get to the point where I am happy even if I don't finish the marathon. It isn't about the end result it about the path that got you there. I feel like this whole marathon training journey has made me into a better person and that is what is all about. I can't lie though, it is going to be awesome to see that finish line on Saturday.

Where is your finish line and how will you get there?

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