Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Whether we know it, care to accept, or embrace it, we all have a passion, if not more than one. It is a part of who we are. It makes us unique from everyone else.

At moments in my life, I have been gifted with amazing experiences and opportunities. During my junior year of college, the choir I was a member of traveled to Europe for a 10-day tour with 6 concerts while overseas. Our last concert was at the Canterbury Cathedral, an hour and half southeast of London. For those who aren’t familiar with this cathedral, it is a landmark of Christian history and is a large contributor to the theme of the Canterbury Tales. (Enough of history – lets move one!)

When we entered the cathedral, we were guided through the church on a tour to view burial sites and rooms of worship and prayer. When we completed the tour, it was our turn to sing, to share with the people in the church our last concert. Due to time constraints, we only sang one song, but it was our favorite. Its melodies and harmonies of eight different parts rang through the never-ending vaulted ceilings and the cold and crisp air that hung above. People stopped where they were to listen with all they had. When the song was over, there wasn’t a dry eye in the house.

Singing is a passion of mine. It is a passion that everyone can enjoy if they choose to, whether singing or listening to the arrangement. Singing placed me in a community where I was introduced to wonderful and loving people, those of who will be my friends until the end of time. I am alive when I sing!

What has been placed within you, which makes you alive every time you think about it? What makes you smile from ear to ear? If you aren’t sure how to answer these questions, take a look around. I am sure it isn’t too far away.

With all of your heart, embrace your passion! It has been given to you as a gift to enjoy and to share with those you come into contact with. Let your passion come alive!

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