Monday, February 21, 2011

The Smaller Animals at Camp

So we have big animals out here at camp (the horses) that you get to ride and have fun with but we have a smaller herd of animals here at camp that make a big difference in our lives as well.

CFA has 5 dogs and a few cats on the property that come out and play as well help kids feel like home. Several times whenever a camper gets homesick or is just feeling down I bring my dog (Kansas) over to hang out for a while. The camper usually opens up and starts to feel better. Kansas doesn't talk to him or her. He just smiles, licks and lets the kid pet him. Just like your pet at home.

CFA is a better place because of our dog pack and cat herd. I can't think of camp without them. Here are some benefits of owning a pet:

  • Pets can improve your mood
  • Pets encourage you to get outside and exercise
  • Pets stave off loneliness and provide unconditional love
  • Pets can reduce your stress and blood pressure
Here are some of our favorite animal mascots out here at CFA

Atticus Finch sitting where he would if he was a human.

The calmest and most mature dog we have Hop.

The dog that is as big as a horse, Tuck. His personality matches also.

Betty Davis hunting something

Becky's (our retreat director) cat named See-Wah wondering what the heck is going on.

Remi being the usual wet self that she usually is. She even went swimming when it was 17 degrees outside.

Princess Sophia Sparkles is ready for Valentine's Day.

My favorite picture of Kansas as a puppy. He was and still is beyond awesome.

Hope these pictures remind you of camp and how awesome it is. 

As always remember to live, laugh, Love and look up.


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