Tuesday, October 26, 2010

I Would be Giving. . .

The sixth line of the Ragger's Creed is "I would be giving and forget the gift."

I think this line is pretty self explanatory - you should be willing to give without getting anything back. Gifts are not just things you purchase, but can also be the gift of time helping someone out, a nice note or email, encouraging words and just being a friend. Learning to be giving is a constant life challenge.

Giving can also be defined as being generous. On Wikipedia, I found this: Generosity is the habit of giving freely without expecting anything in return. It can involve offering time, assets or talents to aid someone in need. Often equated with charity and virtue, generosity is widely accepted in society as a desirable trait.

Have you given of time or talent recently? If not, what can you do today to give?

Remember-Youth Empowerment Retreat (click and look for tan box) is coming up December 10, 2010! Sign up today and take this time to renew your Rag goals at camp. Hey Hey CFA-stay pure, stay true, stay strong, stay brave, be a friend, give each day and stay CFA.

I would be true, for there are those that trust me;
I would be pure, for there are those who care;
I would be strong, for there is much to suffer;
I would be brave, for there is much to dare.

I would be a friend to all, the foe, the friendless;
I would be giving and forget the gift...

In the Spirit of Camp,


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