Tuesday, October 26, 2010

125th Y-Celebration

Bill and I went to the 125th Celebration of YMCA Camping a few weeks ago and I came back with a new appreciation of really how camping got to where it is now. So many times we only look to the future when the past is not only a place where we can learn from but also a place that we need to hold in high regard.

Below is the history of YMCA camping. They gave this to us at the celebration. I will have some thoughts below:

-Notice the quotes that the narrator says or the ones they flash on the screen. My favorite: "The joy and success of a camp depend not on the new pool, the pleasant lodging or the other facilities but on the leadership." Richard T. Schwartz, camper then counselor at YMCA Camp Kern.

-It is really cool seeing the old pictures and history of different camps. CFA actually has 4 pictures in this.

-As it said in the video, the counselor/camper relationship is one of the most important things in summer camps. I remember my first counselors Paul Laudermilk and Brian Sheridan. They took care of me and loved me. Some of their morals rubbed off on me and I have them now. I hope I have made an impact on the campers I worked with as those two did with me.

-This video sums up why I do what I do. Not with what the narrator says, but with all the smiles that are in the pictures.

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