Thursday, October 6, 2011

New Rainy Day Activities!

This is your chance. Choose a rainy day activity you would like to see added to camp. Take a look at the videos and cast your vote on Facebook or here on our blog!

See which cabin can make the longest one of those.

Have each cabin send a person up to compete in the minute game. Who completes the most would win.

A little longer of a game, but each cabin would choose a participant and they would get CFA points to choose a prize at the end. 

Choosing activities and making decisions about camp is what we do at the Youth Empowerment Retreat. You get to make decisions on how to make camp better. It is Dec. 9th - 11th. It is also a ragger's retreat. Don't for get to sign up if you interested.


  1. The first one...that way you can use the million boxes of pop sickle sticks finally to use!

  2. That Popsicle stick was pretty awesome!

  3. Popsickle.... Hands down! That was awesome....

  4. Popsickle.... Hands down! That was awesome....