Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Travel and Learning

Hello my fellow Raggers - I am going to take a break from Raggers and just catch you up on my March. I have been absent for a few weeks - sorry about that! This month is a travel month for me - New York State for a food service conference (left picture of me in snowshoes), then spring break family time and now, I am headed to California for the San Diego Christian Leadership Conference (CLC). I am so excited to be able to attend this conference as we are holding our first ever CLC at CFA in November! Also, I have not attended a CLC in 10 years, so it is time to recharge my spirit and remember why I dedicate my life's work to the YMCA.

This conference is geared to YMCA staff and volunteers. The main emphasis is "sharing Christian values and the YMCA Mission in all YMCA programs." The YMCA Ragger Program has a strong presence at this conference. The program was founded by the C.J., Carrie D. and R. Howard Walker family. Friday night is typically spent getting to know each other, singing praise music and learning about the weekends events. I am looking forward to recharging my spirit, realigning my Ragger goals and bringing home ideas for camp.

Early in March, I attended the North American Food Service Conference at Camp Chingachgook on Lake George, NY. First, I arrived to two feet of fresh snow! This Texas girl had never seen snow like that and was promptly issued snow shoes and sent off on a hike. It was awesome. But to get back to food - I learned a lot about nutrition, gained new ideas for meals and most excitedly, ideas for cooking club. The CFA Pan-handlers are going to learn how to make sushi - both for meals and dessert (pictured) along with a lot of other cool things. I think the neatest trick I learned was to put the peanut butter and jelly into squeeze bottles - it makes it easier and cleaner to make your sandwich. Now why didn't I think of that?

And mid month, the family and I went camping in Rockport along wiuth my parents and my neice, Kristen (CFA alum). The kids were so excited camp, see family and play on the beach. Pictured are Laine, Kristen and me as we had a groovy time shopping. We had a great time.

I can not wait to update you all on what I learn at CLC and how my Rag is rededicated. Until next time, keep dreaming of camp, recruiting your friends to attend summer camp and study hard.

In the Spirit of Camp,

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