Thursday, February 3, 2011

The White Rag

In challenging the White Rag, you are accepting the challenge of dedication of your life to Christian Service.

As the Rag Program culminates in this seventh Rag, all the challenges you have faced in the previous six rags are brought together. You have learned to be goal oriented; to live a Christian life; to give to others and accept them fully; to put aside your needs and think of others; and to give of yourself in the best way possible even if you have to sacrifice your wants. To live in Christian Service is to give completely to others.

Let's define those two words:
Christian: adj "all that is noble, and good, and Christ-like."
While there are MANY definitions of Christian, I felt this definition summed it up nicely. Noble, Good, Christ-like - that is what the Rag program is all about.
Service: noun "an act of helpful activity; help; aid"
This is what is meant by service, not being a waiter, providing a service as in fixing something; but rather to bring something greater to someone else through your work, your giving.

I pulled the following from the White Rag Ceremony. It reviews the Raggers Creed and this is talking of humility:

Teach me to do the best I can,
To help and cheer our fellowmen;
Teach me to lose my selfish need,
And glory in the larger deed;
Which smooths the road and lights the day,
For all who chance to come my way.

Through the seven steps of the Rag, that is what you should have learned and directed yourself to be - lose your selfish ways, cheer on your fellowman, and smooth the way for others. As I look to challenge the White Rag this summer, I think of my life, my career and my path forward. I hope that in all I do as a YMCA employee, a School Board member, a mother and a friend, I am begin selfless, encouraging and smoothing the way for others. I pray that in each deed I do, I remember to give to others and not myself. I pray that I can put aside my selfish wants and put ahead others. What a hard task to live up to daily. But with the Rag, my peers and my friends, I know I can do this.
  • So where are you in your walk? Just starting your Rag journey to a better you? Three rags into it? Are you living up to the challenge?
  • Again, I ask you, how can you better yourself today in giving to others?
  • Where do you see the Rag program taking you?
  • How will you measure up when challenge calls?
  • Are you prepared to sacrifice selfish wants for others needs?
As you walk your journey, remember that there are those that care and to always live, laugh, love and lift.

In the Spirit of Camp,


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  1. Allison Hinton, you are one of the really good ones! I'm so glad that I know you, and thanks for the little "God shot" this morning. A nice reminder of what my task "Really" is!