Thursday, December 16, 2010

The Brown Rag

The Brown Rag begins with service to others. Can you see the pattern emerging in the Rag process? While it starts as a reflective journey, setting goals for your self, God and country; with each rag, things really move from self to God to others. The Rag process teaches you to think outside yourself and think of how you can impact the world around you.

What a perfect time of year to discuss service to others. Here we are about to embark on the joyous day of celebration for Jesus' birth, Christmas. While there is so much distraction with lights, tinsel, presents and more, it can be hard to remember the true reason for the season, the birth of Christ and then what he sacrificed for us. It is a GREAT time to step outside and help a neighbor, help a friend or help a stranger. The season should be about family and giving, not cookies and presents.

Here is a great story about putting others before self:

Reggie’s brother gave him an automobile as a Christmas present. On Christmas Eve Reggie came out of his office, and saw a street urchin admiring his shiny new car. "Is this your car, Mister?" he asked.

Reggie nodded in affirmation, "My brother gave it to me for Christmas." The boy was surprised. "You mean your brother gave it to you and it didn't cost you anything? Boy, I wish..." He hesitated. Reggie knew what he was going to wish for. He was going to wish he had a brother like the one Reggie has. But what the lad said was far beyond Reggie’s expectation. "I wish," the boy went on, "that I could be a brother like that."

For a few seconds words failed Reggie and then he impulsively added, "Would you like to take a ride in my automobile?" "Oh yes, I'd love that."

After a short ride, the boy turned towards Reggie. His eyes were glowing and he said, "Mister, would you mind driving in front of my house?" Reggie smiled a little. He thought he understood what the lad wanted. He wanted to show it off to his neighbors that he could ride home in a big automobile. But Reggie was wrong again.

"Will you stop where those two steps are?" the boy asked. He ran up the steps. In a little while Reggie heard him coming back, but he was not coming fast. He was carrying his little brother who was physically challenged. He sat him down on the bottom step, then sort of squeezed up against him and pointed to the car. "There she is, Buddy, just like I told you upstairs. His brother gave it to him for Christmas and it didn't cost him a cent. And some day I'm going to give you one just like it...then you can see for yourself all the pretty things in the Christmas windows that I've been trying to tell you about."

Reggie got out and lifted the lad to the front seat of his car. His brother whose eyes were gleaming with joy climbed in beside him and the three of them embarked on a memorable holiday ride.

That Christmas Eve, Reggie learned what Jesus meant when he said: "It is more blessed to give..."

I challenge you to find a way to serve others this season - through time, through love. You pick your passion, round up the family and get out there to serve others. There are many places such as local YMCA's, churches, Salvation Army, etc that help families and need volunteers to serve in various ways. Once you start to serve, it is easy - just get out there and put others first.

Youth Empowerment Retreat was AWESOME! Be on the look out for next years dates - we are going to make it a Youth Empowerment / Ragger Retreat weekend. It will be an amazing time to reflect, grow and create.

In the Spirit of Camp,


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