Friday, October 8, 2010

It's a camp dog life.

I fear I have not allotted enough time this week to write a proper blog post. So I asked a friend of mine to step in for the week and let you all get a taste— err, sniff, of his perspective.
I'm surprised nobody let me know about this blogging business before. After all, I am the Official Greeter of all camp events (self-appointed, I admit) and I have a brilliant nose for sniffing out the news and happenings of CFA. Why shouldn't I tell you about it?

Tuck, Leo, and Kansas have gone gallivanting off to the woods today yet again. I did lead them on a little trek up to chase some deer by the cool O.W.L.S. hangout at Fort Clarke, but then I figured they could handle it on their own.. I had some Important Barn Business to attend to, helping MaryAshley with the riding lessons. Somebody has to sit around and catch flies in their mouth, and the horses certainly aren't getting around to it.

The weather has gotten great here at camp— nothing like in the summer, when most of you folks come to visit. Evenings have been in the 40's. Remy the Golden Retriever is still convinced this is swimming weather, though I prefer to chase rabbits along the bank instead of faceplanting into the chilly water. There will undoubtedly be some Adventure Guide campers still water-sliding this weekend, crazy kids! What could be better than chasing rabbits?!

The barn cats are starting to get cheeky. I try to advise the humans that feeding cats is a bad idea (I assert this point by trying to eat their kibble myself, which for some reason always involves a lot of shouting..) but nobody listens. The big orange-and-white cat has started meandering around retreat groups, begging for a handout with big yellow eyes and a pathetic fluffy tail! If you're coming for a weekend in the near future.. DON'T FALL FOR IT!

Truth of the matter is, it can be kind of quiet without summer campers here! There is nobody to hand out ice cream leftovers from afternoon snack anymore, and Bill's Burgers nights are few and far between and there aren't enough unattended picnic plates. I can't wait for June to roll around again and the families for our Session 1 campers start pouring in!

Well, kids, I leave you with this— if you have pets at home, CARE for them and be RESPONSIBLE for their happiness and health! Us camp dogs enjoy lots of time to roam around and get exercise, but your house pet could probably use a little extra playtime today. Would you do that for me?


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